Facebook, Skype, screen printing, Slow Food, contemporary fashion – we wish to convince as many seniors as possible that these are buzzwords and areas through which not only their children and grandchildren can navigate efficiently. “Seniorem być!” (“Oh, To Be a Senior!”) is a series of eventsorganized by the Nizio Foundation in cooperation with the Kordegarda Gallery. It was funded by the National Center for Culture.

We set off with a screen printing workshop. We showed the audience how to use this impressive printing technique to transfer graphic design into t-shirts and canvas eco bags. We did not forget to create Facebook accounts for members of our audience.

In turn, thanks to the Skype training, participants of the “Seniorem być” series learned how to talk to family members and friends living far away. We had dozens of video chats, right from the Gallery.

Seniors also got acquainted with the idea of slow food and were taught to prepare dishes from simple and nutrient-rich products and serve them to their guests in an original way. They were also given the opportunity to show their creative side through blogging.

Fashion classes dispelled myths about what style is appropriate for the older generation. Thanks to our venture, participants and observers realized that modern, stylish outfits are not reserved only for students, and that retirement may be the perfect time to become interested in fashion.

The series of events “Seniorem być!” was an extended continuation of the activities that took place in 2012 in Kordegarda. Paulina Braun, an animator and artist involved in social animation, the originator of, among others, the event “Dancing Międzypokoleniowy”, is responsible for its organization.