The scope of our interest includes art, urban spaces, architecture and pro-social activities. The statutory goal of the Foundation is to popularize art in daily social life and to create conditions for its development through promotion and financial support of young artists, as well as undertaking activities among schoolchildren aiming at rendering this group of society responsive to art.

The Foundation initiates, organizes and supports various ventures for the development and popularization of culture and creative activities. In cooperation with the Nizio Gallery, the Foundation establishes a space where events are initiated in order to present the artistic output of individual creators.

The Nizio Foundation is a non-public institution established on the initiative of the architect Mirosław Nizio. From the very beginning, its goal has been to create a new space for exchange of ideas and performance of activities for the benefit of the local community; a place where the focus is placed on art, culture, architecture and various pro-social initiatives. Mirosław Nizio is the owner of an architectural studio Nizio Design International, the activities of which serve as a starting point for selected ventures and actions undertaken by the Foundation.