ZEW | Kila Zamana in KLONN

As a child, she dreamed of becoming an aircraft pilot. Once, she drove a dog sled in the far North. Today she is an ocean sailor, diver and paraglider pilot. She turned her teenage trauma of hearing loss into strength which allows her to take up all the challenges she encounters. Kila Zamana was the first protagonist and moderator of ZEW (“The Call”) – a series of inspiring meetings which started at Klonn restaurant on Thursday, July 22 2021.

One might say that over the course of 30 years, Kila Zamana has lived many lives. Her personality was shaped by lonely travels to the far corners of the world, and ecology understood as respecting the nature and caring for its diversity. By profession she is a concept artist, illustrator and photojournalist. As a sailor, she plans expeditions for other explorers while preparing her own solo circumnavigation of the globe. During polar exploration, whilst training with ancient dog breeds from Greenland, she discovered the empowerment of human potential, striving to understand common misconceptions and challenging one’s limitations in order to turn into allies in achieving one’s goals.

Who exactly is the young woman that dreamed of becoming a pilot? The trauma of losing her sense of hearing almost instantly, which she experienced as a teenager, threw her off her original track for years. But Kila got back on her feet and discovered that she could turn what she understood as a weakness into the power to take up challenges. Kila’s life is a never-ending journey. And many of the trails that she’s taking off the beaten path – often facing against the wind – have never been hiked by a person with a hearing impairment.

Those attending the meeting (which took place on July 22 on the initiative of Nizio Foundation and Klonn restaurant) had the opportunity to find out how Kila Zamana puts her favourite maxim “turn disabilities into abilities” into practice and understand why the pursuit of dreams gives us freedom, and why confidence, both in ourselves as well as other people, helps us make the world a better place. Kila made her debut in Klonn as the first protagonist of the “ZEW” cycle and the moderator and host of subsequent meetings which will take place in the comfortable interiors and exteriors of the restaurant located in the park near the Ujazdów Castle.

The organizers of the “ZEW” cycle want to give voice to people who overcome not only their weaknesses and features which are perceived as disabilities, but also the forces of nature. The main idea behind the events is to inspire and motivate the participants to accept and triumph over physical and mental impediments and follow their “call”, or “inner voice”. All subsequent meetings will present fascinating stories of strength, fortitude and potential that the protagonists build and develop regardless of their disabilities. “ZEW” meetings will present individuals who have walked the bumpy road to achieving their life goals and pursuing their hobbies and dreams, thus becoming an inspiration to others.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the “ZEW” cycle, the chef at Klonn, Michał Gniadek, together with Kila Zamana, prepared some dishes inspired by her travels and culinary discoveries, enriching the participants’ experience through engaging other senses. On the day of the meeting, the menu created specially for the occasion was available to all restaurant guests.

The inauguration of the “ZEW” cycle of meetings with Kila Zamana
Thursday, July 22 2022, 7 p.m.

Fundacja Nizio
Restauracja KLONN