In 2019 the Nizio Foundation created an educational and exhibition program MASTER’S MATTER. During the four series of meetings organized we followed the trail of material evolution, exploring past and present uses of fabric, wicker, ceramics, and stone. We asked art historians and critics, antiquarians and collectors, as well as artists and designers of applied art forms to help us conduct expert workshops.

In the second series of events held as a part of the MASTER’S MATTER program, in collaboration with artists and experts we discovered for the audience the matter of wicker. We presented the spectators the works of applied art forms designer, Ewelina Lekka and craftsman Grzegorz Gordat. The duo exemplifies the age-old relationship that is often established between the artist-designer and the master craftsman.

MASTER’S MATTER | WICKER – online events:
August 17, 2020:
video premiere on YT channel: “Impresje o materii wikliny” (“Impressions on the Wicker Matter”)
August 19, 2020:
video premiere on YT channel: A conversation with Ewelina Lekka and Grzegorz Gordat, combined with a presentation of the workshop and wickerwork techniques
August 20, 2020:
video premiere on YT channel: “Odczarować wiklinę” (“Wicker – removing the spell”), a conversation with Anna Szwaja and Joanna Krokosz
August 21, 2020:
video premiere on YT channel: “Tradycyjność techniki, nowoczesność materiału” (“Traditionality of technique, modernity of material”), a conversation with Anna Feliks and Wojciech Świątkowski
August 22 and 23, 2020:
wickerwork workshop with Grzegorz Gordat

MASTER’S MATTER is a program created by the Nizio Foundation “The Creators”. The founder of this organization is the architect and sculptor Mirosław Nizio, owner of the Nizio Design International architectural studio, author of numerous public space projects: museums, historical exhibitions, expositions, memorials, scenography. He is also the founder of the Nizio Gallery which, by co-organizing the Master’s Matter program, provides a new look on the point of contact between tradition and modernity in design.

Organizer: The Nizio Foundation “The Creators”
Curators: Iga Knysak, Karolina Kliszewska
Honorary Patronage: Ilona Soja-Kozłowska, Mayor of Praga-Północ District of Warsaw
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