From October 19 to 24, 2022, within the framework of the ‘Kreatorzy’ [‘Creators’] project, we held an acting workshop for children and adolescents in refugee crisis. The workshop was organized at the Nizio Gallery in two age groups (participants 9-12 years old and 13-18 years old). The classes in each group were divided into two 3-hour sessions.
The workshop, adapted to the age of the participants, focused on acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for future actors, i.e. learning proper breathing, learning the techniques for clear articulation, overcoming stage fright, or mastering elements of mime. The participants also learned the ins and outs of working as a film and cinema actor.
The workshop concluded with the participants presenting the skills they had acquired in the form of a verbal and artistic etude.
The commitment of the participants surpassed our wildest imaginings and inspired us to create an additional program – ‘Basic express acting course for adolescents’ (14-18 years old), which was held in the week before Christmas and culminated year 2022.
The entire workshop was led by Lilia Kryvets – actress, resident of the National Theatre in Warsaw, performer. Lecturer of stage Ukrainian language, lecturer of stage language techniques and stage art at the First Ukrainian Theatre and Film School, educator of language techniques at the 2020 camp of the National Union of Theatre Activists of Ukraine.
We carried out the ‘Kreatorzy’ workshops thanks to funding from the budget of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
The classes were held in Ukrainian and Polish.