3xR: reuse, recycle, remake is a competition aimed at young designers of furniture and interior accessories. It was organized by the Nizio Interior brand and the Nizio Foundation. The participants of the competition submitted 50 designs; the grand prize was launching the production and being included in the collection of the Nizio Interior brand. The purpose of the competition was to seek out and promote young talented artists. The presentation of the young designers’ proposals and the announcement of the winners took place at the Nizio Gallery in Warsaw on December 10, 2015.

“We focused on how the participants understood the idea behind the competition and whether the prepared design was in line with the 3xR principles – reuse, recycle, remake. We were looking for innovative and unique solutions. Our verdict as to who should be the winner was almost unanimous. The winning designs communicate the idea behind the competition and are in line with the objectives of the Nizio Interior brand. I think they can surprise the consumers and introduce a new quality in the world of recyclable products to the Polish design market,” says Mirosław Nizio, architect and furniture designer, chairman of the 3xR competition jury.

According to the jury, the best design was that of Michał Bogusz, a student of the Faculty of Industrial Forms at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. “Sputnik” is a stool, the conical disc-shaped seat of which is screwed onto 3 empty PET bottles which are then inflated with the use of a bicycle pump. The designer made the disk from two glued pieces of solid wood, milled on a CNC machine. To keep the whole thing airtight, stainless steel channels feed the air from the vent to the bottles. It is worth noting that the project deploys the idea of 3xR, combining both premium material – wood – with elements coming from recycling. PET bottles are used in every home, so you only need to buy a special disc to get a finished stool.

The 3xR idea is close to my heart. I try to participate in events that promote sustainable design and recycling. My design is first and foremost economical – in many respects: the amount of place they are going to take, how much material will be used to produce them, shipping costs, the time needed for assembly”  said Michał Bogusz.

The second place was taken by the reCLOCK design prepared by Katarzyna Kędzior who is currently working on her MA diploma at the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The author’s area of activity and interest includes recycling, ecological and social design. The items she presented in the competition were made from ground PET bottle caps and plastic packaging. The material manufacturing method developed by the winner allows for 100% recycling of the produced forms. A great advantage of the design is its strength, moisture resistance and ease of mechanical processing. The technology used makes it possible to obtain various color variations of the designed object. As Katarzyna Kędzior says, the reCLOCK collection is functional, unique and modern.

The honorary mention was granted to the designers of the “Satellite Image” lamp – Ariel Wywrot, Katarzyna Sroka and Filip Zastawnik. The artists created their design using an old satellite dish and an outdoor easel. The satellite dish is covered with a special pattern, while the handle has been modified to accommodate a light source. The intriguing word play captures the idea of “Satellite Image” – by illuminating the “perforated” satellite dish, we get an authentic satellite image.

3xR is the main concept guiding the venutres of Nizio Interior. The originator and founder of the brand, Mirosław Nizio, redefines old objects, giving them a new life, shape and use. His designs are original and unique, but also characterized by high quality and functionality. The competition was targeted at people aged 19 and 35. The winning designs were selected by a jury chaired by Mirosław Nizio. It consisted of experts, theoreticians and design practitioners, including: Marek Cecuła – world-famous ceramic artist, Czesława Frejlich – editor-in-chief of the nationwide quarterly “2+3D grafika plus produkt”, lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków and Warsaw, Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka – historian and design critic, lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and Przemysław Szklarzewski – founder of the Domideco platform.